Erin Boyd – Kinesiologist

Erin's Approach

Erin is qualified Kinesiologist and Meditation Teacher who has a real passion for uncovering patterns of stress and imbalance.

Since 2009, Erin has worked with hundreds of clients helping them to remove blockages, reduce stress and anxiety.

After working with Erin, clients have reported how calm and light they feel. They have experienced increased energy, greater clarity and often a surge of confidence and strength to move forward with their goals. Kinesiology is a truly holistic approach to health care.

It uses gentle muscle monitoring to access the subconscious mind and gain accurate information about your current health issues and what is needed to help your body, mind and spirit restore peace and balance.

Kinesiology quite simply, helps to restore balance. It helps align your energy to more of what you want in your life.

How Kinesiology Can Help

Kinesiology can be a helpful way in addressing a range of disorders including stress, depression, anxiety, allergies, muscular disorders, nervous disorders, emotional problems, immune or digestive issues, mental health issues, learning and behavioural difficulties, fear and overwhelm.

Kinesiology is very safe and effective for children of all ages. Erin predominately works with adults and young children up to the age of 14.

You will leave your session with more awareness about your specific health concerns and what you need to move forward with increased energy and greater ease.

Kinesiology sessions are booked for one hour. Erin provides health rebates with the major providers.

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Erin is available Mondays and Wednesdays 2-8pm. To book an appointment call 0404 683 760.

Areas of Speciality

  • Chronic Stress & Fatigue
    • Stagnant Blocked Energy
      • Mental Health
        • Sensitive Anxious Kids
        • Chronic Pain & Anxiety
          • Relationship Issues

Erin is a member of the following Associations

  • Australian Institute of Kinesiology (AIK)