Functional Testing

Your Assessment

As part of your comprehensive health assessment it may be necessary to recommend specialised pathology testing to further investigate the underlying cause of your symptoms and or vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

These specialised pathology tests provide valuable information in assessing your individual metabolic needs, hormonal balance and digestive function.

Once your test results have been analysed, your practitioner can then target the most appropriate treatment to restore balance and improve your health.

Diagnostic Testing

urban sense uses a wide range of pathology and diagnostic tests as part of its treatment approach. As each individual is different and their conditions varied, any proposed investigative tests will be discussed and explained by your practitioner.

Sometimes patients present with a range of symptoms and it's important that time is taken to understand the underlying cause. We believe in investigating and diagnosing before we prescribe.

A more detailed explanation of the tests we conduct is available from the drop down menu above.

Our Focus

Our primary focus at urban sense is to help educate our clients on the benefits of maintaining a healthy body throughout the various stages of their lives. We offer our clients a wide variety of programs that can be tailor-made to suit their budget and individual health goals.

Our approach includes advice on traditional whole food diets, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle habits that nourish the body and promote long term health. Investigations to help this process often include; general and functional pathology testing, full medical and health history, iris analysis as well as physical assessments.

Our 3 Step Process to Health

At urban sense, we take your health seriously. Thats why we have developed our own 3 step process to assess, diagnose and treat your health. When it comes to your health, we don't guess.

Step 1: Your initial consultation is designed to ensure we understand your complete health history and underlying medical condition.

Step 2: Next we perform a series of comprehensive diagnostic tests and evaluations designed to establish your baseline level of wellness and any underlying contributing factors to your illness.

Step 3: Finally, after we assess your results we then prescribe a tailored treatment plan to maximise your return to wellness and good health..