What is OligoScan?

OligoScan is an exciting German engineered TGA approved device that provides a non-invasive immediate and precise analysis of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals in client’s skin, tissue and peripheral blood.

No biopsy, blood or hair sample is needed. The device assesses mineral composition in tissue by way of spectrophotometry. It measures the light absorbance or the optical density of a chemical substance.

How does it work?

The basic principle is that every chemical compound absorbs, emits or reflects the light (electromagnetic radiation) on a certain range of wavelengths. The more the sample is concentrated, the more it absorbs the light within the limits of proportionality expressed in the law Beer-Lambert.

In this way the device is able to assess the different concentrations of certain wavelengths and provide instant reports of the relevant concentration of the mineral in the tested area. Testing minerals, trace elements and heavy metals in patient’s tissues gives a more precise understanding of their bioavailability and utilization than testing levels in blood circulation.

This revolutionary new technique provides a fast way to precisely assess a client’s mineral and heavy metal status. .