At urban sense, we have created specific programs to help target your health needs. Each program offers a comprehensive assessment which allows us to tailor the program to suit your individual needs.

Our wellness programs focus on helping you get your body and health back into shape so you can spend your time living and enjoying your life. Whatever you choose, your journey begins today.

At urban sense we offer our clients a very different approach to managing their health. We have identified four prime areas that form the foundation of preventative treatment and promote optimum health and vitality.

Optimising nutritional intake of whole foods and quality nutrients. Promoting movement and physical activity. Restoring Adrenal Health and Stress Management. Supporting your body with appropriate nutritional nutrients.

These four prime areas form the basis of your assessment and treatment program, whilst providing you with the ultimate in health care.

When was the last time you discussed your preventative health plan with your GP? Probably never! Whilst doctors are excellent at diagnosing a disease they are often not trained nor have the time to focus on helping you maintain optimal health and wellness.

Living a life that focuses on prevention of disease will improve your mental health, maintain your energy levels and support your total wellbeing. Our Optimal Health and Wellness Program can be tailored to suit your health needs, age and budget.

Healthy Eating

A healthy diet is crucial to maintaining optimal health. Current research indicates that most chronic diseases in western nations are nutritionally related. Although we have an abundance of food available to us today, we seem to be receiving fewer nutrients from our typical western diet. This can be attributed to a higher intake of processed and low fibre foods, soil depletion of essential nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, iodine and selenium as well as an increased exposure to environmental chemicals and toxins.

Our Wellness diet focuses on the following key points:

Wide variety of whole foods that nourish and support your body
Adequate protein intake
Good fat intake to support cellular health and metabolic function
Foods high in phytonutrients and fibre
Easy to prepare meals and recipes to support you at home
Prevention is better than cure