Functional Hormone Testing

What is Functional Hormone Testing?

Our Baseline Hormone Profile provides valuable information on an individual’s hormonal status and the potential impact this may have on physical and emotional health.

Hormonal imbalance may result in a symptom picture which includes weight gain, mood swings, night sweats, disturbed sleep pattern, loss of libido and hot flushes.

Salivary Hormone testing is unique in that it helps identify the hormonal imbalances which may be causing chronic health problems.

Results obtained from the test make it possible for practitioners to individualise treatment in order to establish optimal hormone balance. Testing can also be used to monitor the effects of hormonal balance during your treatment.

The Baseline Hormone Profile is a non-invasive test which requires the collection of one saliva specimen, from which multiple hormones are tested.

Hormonal Profiles

Premenstrual tension –High Oestrogen, Low Progesterone, Low Cortisol
Irregular or heavy menstrual cycles – High Oestrogen, Low Progesterone, High Testosterone
Infertility –Low Progesterone, High or Low Cortisol, Thyroid imbalance
Fibrocystic breast disease –High Oestrogen, Thyroid imbalance
Uterine Fibroids – High Oestrogen, Thyroid imbalance
Hot flushes –Low Oestrogen or Low Progesterone, Low DHEA, cortisol imbalance
Andropause – Low testosterone, Low DHEA
Ageing –Low DHEA, Low Testosterone
Breast cancer – Imbalanced Oestrogen ratios, Low Progesterone, poor metabolism of oestrogen
Prostate disease –High Oestrogen, Low Testosterone