Skin Therapy

Bespoke Skin Therapy

To keep your skin looking its best urban sense provides a range of therapeutic skin treatments that include Collagen Induction Therapy - Dermal Rolling and Medi Facials used only by medical professionals to enhance and improve the appearance of your skin.

Changes in the condition of the skin can be due to many factors; ageing, sun exposure, illness, poor nutrition, long term use of inappropriate skincare as well as prescribed medications and long term use of the contraception pill.

Skin Consultation

Before any treatment program is undertaken, a full analysis of your skin is necessary to establish the current condition of your skin.

This enables us to establish the most appropriate course of in clinic treatments that will address and correct your skin condition.

Your skin assessment involves a thorough cleanse of your skin using a specific cleansing product suited to your skin type.

Your skin is now ready to be assessed by using a woods lamps that will indicate areas of dehydration and dryness, pigmentation and sun damage, excess oil and thickened areas, rosacea and irritation.

Once a diagnosis has been made a specific treatment program and home product range will be recommended.

Treatment Options

Urban sense offers the following skin therapy treatments

  • Skin Therapy Collagen Induction (CIT) Dermal Rolling
  • Skin Therapy Enzyme Peel
  • Skin Therapy Medifacial Consultation
  • Skin Therapy Age Management