Weightloss Program

Pro-hCG Weightloss

Based on the work of Dr Simeon, our body reshaping program is quick & easy to follow and the results are phenomenal.

The program utilises a natural Homeopathic non hormone formulation that helps trigger the release of abnormal fat stores when combined with a very low calorie dietary intake.

Dr Simeons HCG program has been used and researched for over 50 years. This program has helped thousands of men and women lose stubborn fat stored on their waist, hips, butts and thighs forever.

Our program addresses all these factors as well as providing our couples with a treatment plan that addresses their individual health requirements.

Program Investment

Fully Supervised Program - Total cost $460.00 (includes Initial and follow-up consultation with Hcg Weight loss Starter Pack)

We have created our own specially dedicated Pro hCG Optimal Weight loss website which explains the program in more detail.

Please Note: Our program Does Not Use Injectables

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Free Resource - Dr Simeon's 'Pounds and Inches manual"

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What it Includes

Your Pro-hCG Optimal Weightloss Program includes:

Initial health and body assessment, using our Bio-analysis program,
Dr Simeon's 'Pounds and Inches manual"
Your own personal Weight Management Manual
Full recipe book for all phases of the program
Pro hCG Accelerated fat loss formulation
All support products used during your weight loss phase of the program